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This is great for beginner golfers, to give them the general feel of the hinging action of the golf swing. Be sure to wear the supplied wrist band for comfort.

Attach your Swingyde to a mid iron (6-8 iron) as instructed. Holding the club vertically in your left hand, hook the rubber band over the right side of the cradle. (See Figure 1) Then pull the rubber band over to the left and under the fore arm, and back up and attach to the left side of the Swingyde. (See Figure 2). Now you are ready to practice. (See Figure 3).


Now you are ready for the rubber band drill.

Take address position. Swing back until left arm is parallel to ground, and allow rubber band to pull Swingyde into the fore arm creating 90 degree hinge. (9 o’clock position)


Swing half way through so right arm is parallel to the ground (3 o’clock position) allowing the rubber band to pull the Swingyde back into your fore arm creating  a 90 degree hinge.


Repeat back and though without stopping 5 times using light grip pressure. A good thought is imagine your pro teaching you and at the 9 o’clock position, show your pro your watch face (left wrist), and when you swing through to the 3 o’clock position show your pro your watch buckle. From this1/2 swing you can build it into a full swing with more turn. The rubber band and Swingyde can be used whilst hitting balls.



  • Figure 1
  • Figure 2
  • Figure 3
  • Figure 4
  • Figure 5
  • FIGURE 1  ///////  Attaching the rubber band
  • FIGURE 2  ///////  Attaching the rubber band
  • FIGURE 3  ///////  Attaching the rubber band
  • FIGURE 4  ///////  Rubber band drill
  • FIGURE 5  ///////  Rubber band drill
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